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Combining mindful self-awareness and Hakomi mind/body psychotherapy with walks in rugged natural landscapes to journey to the centre of one’s true self. Favouring patterns of thought that come from within rather than external sources, to find a sense of calm and deep appreciation for self, community and world.

Martha McCallum, BSc, MEDes
Certified Hakomi Psychotherapist | ACMG-Certified Hiking Guide | Hatha Yoga Teacher

“Things that were too scary to even consider have become a matter of course. I have gained not just courage, but a sense of safety and trust in my own heart. I cannot recommend Martha enough!” – Layla Messner (Canmore, AB)

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Hakomi is a therapy for those seeking inner clarity and a sense of wholeness, who wish to savour life more fully, and especially for those committed to moving beyond current limits. It is a gentle method for recognizing and healing... Learn More»


Mindfulness can be described as a soft readiness for the present moment, inside and out. Think of it as a chance to slow down, exhale some mental clutter, and hang out with yourself. It is a doorway to our inner wisdom. Learn More»

wild mindful adventures

Wild nature impacts us profoundly - it inspires, relaxes, enlivens, connects, disconnects, exhausts, alters perspectives, and scares us all at different times. It invites us to inhale deeply, open our senses. Learn More»
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