what is hakomi?

“Know thyself.”
– Socrates

Hakomi is a therapy for those seeking inner clarity and a sense of wholeness, for those who wish to savour life more fully and commit to moving beyond current limits. It is a gentle method to recognize and heal childhood wounds and traumas, a valuable tool to teach about emotional sources of stress, and an effective tool for working with emotions that may underlie chronic physical symptoms.

Hakomi is about discovering who you are and studying your deepest emotional attitudes—about safety, belonging, support, power, freedom, responsibility, appreciation, sexuality and spirituality. It is not something you can know with the intellect. It is about who you are in the very heart of yourself.

It was developed in the 1970s by therapist and author Ron Kurtz, and is now practiced around the world. Hakomi integrates traditional psychotherapy, modern body-centred psychotherapies, and Eastern spiritual philosophies. Some origins of Hakomi stem from Buddhism and Taoism, including the guiding principles: Mindfulness, Unity, Mind/Body/Spirit Holism, Non-violence, and Organicity.

By focusing inward with gentleness, acceptance and heightened awareness, you witness present experiences that include sensations, emotions, memories, images, energy and spirit. Notice conflicts in which one part of you wants something and another is against it. Feel how certain limiting beliefs show up in daily thoughts, actions and postures. In this place where you feel your experiences you can choose to let go and shift towards greater freedom, confidence, joy and a sense of wholeness.

Hakomi with Martha:

Martha completed four years of professional training and supervised study of Hakomi mind/body psychotherapy, and attained her certification in 2006. She continues to attend professional development weekends.

In 2000, Martha completed a thesis on stress, as a part of her Master Herbalist program. Hakomi has proven an exceptional method to explore the roots of emotional stress and its solutions with her clients.

Martha offers 60-75 minute Hakomi consultations in her private Canmore home office, currently $90/session, during November thru May each year.

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