Tools for Stress

tools for stress

Stress is the primary cause of lost work days, job turnover, low productivity and morale.

When we perceive a problem, we initiate a stress response that leads to harmful changes in the body—resulting in reduced focus and ability to concentrate and solve problems, reduced immunity, insomnia, back pain, and eventually depression, cancer, heart disease, and more. Hakomi and mindfulness are growing in popularity as easy, effective methods to calm stress and turn off the stream of sometimes overwhelming thoughts. Calm breath leads to a calm mind. The resulting sense of ease and that life is under control boosts health and energy, work attendance and productivity, the ability to solve problems creatively and performance under pressure.

The Program: Six one-hour group sessions over 1 to 5 weeks. Optimal group size is 8 to 20.
The Investment: $150 + GST per person

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